panorama ze střechy


Are you moving in to an apartment in this house and searching for any practical advice or need to change the name tag on the postbox and on the doorbell? Contact the chairman of the committee, the contact details are on the newsboards in the house.

The building has two address points assigned: Světova 523/1 and Zenklova 523/38, see the signs at the entrance. Use the correct address for mail delivery and in and communication with others.

You may contact ÚVT Internet (phone: 227 023 023) for the internet connection. It is the only cable internet provider in the house. Another option is a wireless connection, e.g. (tel: 606 090 444) with 5G technology.

Register at the community site and be notified about fallbacks or break-downs and other events by email in a timely and convenient way.

Please, sort your waste. Containers for any mixed waste are in the room in the passage of the house. Containers for any sorted waste are on the streets in the public space (map is on the newsboards). Thank you!